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I've got a 30G hex aquarium and have been unable to find a stand that I like at a reasonable price. Carpentry is not my we won't even go there. Anyway, my husband found a "vintage" hex shaped solid wood 70s end table while dropping off a donation at Goodwill and, bless his heart, he brought it home for me. The thing held my husband, my son and myself without even a creak...easily over 400 I am sure it will hold the tank.

The only issue that I have is the size. The inside height of it is only about 16" or so. I want to put a canister filter on the tank and I know I will need enough space on top to be able to attach valves and hoses without kinking. I have found a couple of candidates, I think, and would like some opinions.

First up is the Eheim Ecco Pro 2232 at 12" high. I have several Eheim Classics and have been pleased with them so far. This one is rated at 127 gph.

Second is the Fluval 205 at 10.5" high. I have not used a Fluval filter before and have no experience with them. This one is rated at 180 gph.

My instinct is to go with the Fluval for the higher gph and shorter height, but I know that you cannot really rely on the MFG ratings.

The biotope for the aquarium will be an Asian pond...medium - heavily planted and stocked with a betta, some harlequins and possibly some loaches (kuhlis?). I will want to keep the current low in keeping with the theme, so I don't need heavy flow...only enough to provide adequate filtration and circulation.

Does anyone have any opinions or experience that might help me choose?

Thanks in advance!

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What your looking at doing should work out fine.

My thought is, does the canister filter even need to be in the stand? I know it's sort of traditional, but modern canister filters really don't look that bad, especially some of the newest ones. Would you be happy locating the canister outside the stand?

Since it's a hex tank and table, you might even be able to get it so that it hardly showed at all.
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