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shops in Omaha area

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Hello Nebraska. I have a favor to ask. I am going to be in the Omaha area for Thanksgiving and want to hit up a couple of quality shops while I am there. I am looking for good freshwater diversity, as well as saltwater inhabitants. I am hoping to pick up a few things to suprise the in laws (brownie points). Any pointers? Please shoot me a PM if ya do!

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anyone have any insight on shops in omaha? Headed there in a week.
Fish Freaks was an incredible African Cichlid shop. Outside of that... not much. But wow.

Went to a few others... bleh.
There is a store on 108th and Maple called Aqua Pets that has a really nice selection of fish both s/w and f/w. They do have a few tanks with plants but nothing that is not the norm for LFS. Another nice store that I have been to several times is Paradise Cove in Bellevue which is a suburb of Omaha and is not that far of a drive. I have seen many rare and oddball fish sold at this store and they are really helpful. One last store that I have been to many times is Petland on 120th and Center. I hope this helps you out.
I agree with ua hua. Never been to fish freaks, though. I will have to check that out next time i am in omaha. I commented on Pet Land in the Lincoln LFS thread, but I think Petland has the best selection in decent health, but most of their staff is not very knowledgable or helpful. the aquapets staff is very knowledgable but their selection leaves a bit to be desired. good healthy fish at aquapets.
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