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shopping for CO2 system

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I found this on ebay:

Its a SMS 122 + Milwaukee CO2 regulator (w/bubble counter and elec solonoid) and extra CO2 tubing for $176.50.

Is this good equipment and price? Is this all I will need for a CO2 setup (besides tank and reactor)?
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I bought a tank and regulater from them and I like it. I didn't get the controller though as my CO2 is on a timer with my lights. I bought the following from them:

If I had to do it all over again, I would seriously consider buing a regulator with an upgraded needle valve from Rex. It would cost a little more money, but ultimately I think it would be worth the cost. For one thing you would have a product that a man that takes pride in his work would stand behind. The other thing is that you would have something that is customized to what you like.

I don't particularly like the needle valve that is on the MA957. I would consider it to have a little too much slop in its ajustments.
I have a milwaukee setup , imo , im very happy with mine , the solenoid hasnt failed on me yet

U really dont need the ph tho....i dont have one
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