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"Sholazar" Blue's ADA 60P with ATI Sunpower

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Hows it going everyone. Just thought I'd take a moment to post my latest rendition of my 60P. Not real sure what I was trying to accomplish but it's more of a dutch-ish vibe I think.

It's been up and running since 12/24/14 although I have added substantially more flora since then. I've got a bit of collectoritis unfortunately. I wish I had documented this tank more but I didn't. I've mainly got more recent photo's of the tanks current standing.

Comments and constructive criticism is always welcome.

  • ADA 60P
  • Eheim 2215 Canister Filter
  • 13mm Lily Pipes
  • ADA Glass Beetle Diffuser
  • ADA Glass Beetle Counter
  • Apex Neptune
  • 36" ATI Dimmable Sunpower 6x39
  • 10lb C02 Tank
  • Victor Dual Stage Regulator
  • IDEAL Needle Valve
  • ViV glass planter bulb

****Retired my BMLed 24" Dutch Fixture that was used for the initial photos****

Substrate and Driftwood:
  • ADA Amazonia Aqua-Soil with addatives
  • ADA Powersand
  • Manzanita from Tom

PAR Values: (Obtained from my Apogee MQ-200)
70 par at the substrate.

Water and Fertilization:
  • 100% RO/DI Water
  • Estimative Index

  • Eleocharis sp. Belem
  • Hydrocotyle Japan
  • Ammania sp. Bonsai
  • Ludwigia Ruben
  • Tonnia fluviatilis
  • Synogonanthus Belem
  • Ammania Pedicellata (Golden)
  • Erio Parkeri
  • Erio Sieboldanium
  • Anubias Nana
  • Anubias Nana "Petite"
  • Bucephlanadra sp. Blue Devil
  • Bucephlanadra sp. Brownie Metallica
  • Bucephlanadra sp. Moonlight
  • Fissidens Fontanus
  • Fissidens Geppi
  • Christmas Moss

  • Rummy Nose Tetras
  • Dwarf Emerald Raspboras
  • Apistogramma Veijita
  • Apistogramma Macmasteri
  • Speckled Corydoras
  • Boesemani Rainbow
  • Otto's

When I initally planted I did a quick time-lapse video with my Canon 60D. Obviously quite a bit has changed since then!
60P Timelapse

Photos:**I just added the Buces so I'll try and get more updated photos later today**


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