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Hows it going everyone. Just thought I'd take a moment to post my latest rendition of my 60P. Not real sure what I was trying to accomplish but it's more of a dutch-ish vibe I think.

It's been up and running since 12/24/14 although I have added substantially more flora since then. I've got a bit of collectoritis unfortunately. I wish I had documented this tank more but I didn't. I've mainly got more recent photo's of the tanks current standing.

Comments and constructive criticism is always welcome.

  • ADA 60P
  • Eheim 2215 Canister Filter
  • 13mm Lily Pipes
  • ADA Glass Beetle Diffuser
  • ADA Glass Beetle Counter
  • Apex Neptune
  • 36" ATI Dimmable Sunpower 6x39
  • 10lb C02 Tank
  • Victor Dual Stage Regulator
  • IDEAL Needle Valve
  • ViV glass planter bulb

****Retired my BMLed 24" Dutch Fixture that was used for the initial photos****

Substrate and Driftwood:
  • ADA Amazonia Aqua-Soil with addatives
  • ADA Powersand
  • Manzanita from Tom

PAR Values: (Obtained from my Apogee MQ-200)
70 par at the substrate.

Water and Fertilization:
  • 100% RO/DI Water
  • Estimative Index

  • Eleocharis sp. Belem
  • Hydrocotyle Japan
  • Ammania sp. Bonsai
  • Ludwigia Ruben
  • Tonnia fluviatilis
  • Synogonanthus Belem
  • Ammania Pedicellata (Golden)
  • Erio Parkeri
  • Erio Sieboldanium
  • Anubias Nana
  • Anubias Nana "Petite"
  • Bucephlanadra sp. Blue Devil
  • Bucephlanadra sp. Brownie Metallica
  • Bucephlanadra sp. Moonlight
  • Fissidens Fontanus
  • Fissidens Geppi
  • Christmas Moss

  • Rummy Nose Tetras
  • Dwarf Emerald Raspboras
  • Apistogramma Veijita
  • Apistogramma Macmasteri
  • Speckled Corydoras
  • Boesemani Rainbow
  • Otto's

When I initally planted I did a quick time-lapse video with my Canon 60D. Obviously quite a bit has changed since then!
60P Timelapse

Photos:**I just added the Buces so I'll try and get more updated photos later today**



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Very Nice!
I didn't see your Boesemani in the Fuana list?
Still got it?
Thank you!
Ooops! Forgot bout that lil guy. He's still there but I'm going to be taking him back to the store soon. He needs more room and was an impulse buy. Or I might hold onto him till I get the larger tank where he'll be happpy.

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Well big day today! I installed my new ATI Dimmable 6 bulb 39 watt T5 Sunpower fixture. I know it's overkill by a long shot but I'm buying equipment so I can have the option to switch to saltwater at some point in the future if I want to. I like having the comfort of knowing I won't have to buy another light to grow corals and this fixture will more than suit my needs.

The craftsmanship and quality of this ATI is simply stunning. I've fallen in love

I'm burning it in currently at 100% and with the fixture suspended about 14" above the water I'm seeing over 200par at the substrate. I will obviously be dimming this baby down quite a bit after the burn in of 40 hours. Hopefully I won't have any issues for the time being

The bulb combination I went with was 4 giesemann middays, 1 giesemann aqua flora and 1 giesemann Aqua pink.

I have one Figi purple on order to try that combo as well. So far I'm loving the colors with my current configuration. The photos just don't to the colors justice. I'll snap some with my canon 70d soon.

Plant Green Nature Leaf Rectangle

Water Fish supply Pet supply Fish Aquatic plant

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That piece of driftwood is so sick!!! Curious, why did you decide to switch from the BML to T5's?
Thanks! I love that piece of wood as well. I have another piece out back that was part of it but my tank is too small for it :icon_frow

I battled for a while with the decision to stay with LED or move to T-5. Ultimately I weighed the benefits of both and decided to go with T5 for the following reasons.

1. It's proven and time tested.
2. The flexibility it provides to be able to change the lighting spectrum to however I choose. With the current LED selections your'e stuck. I own an ecoxotic E-Series and while its a good fixture, i could never get that "warmth" of color I was looking for. I thought about a EcoTech Radion but i would be spending close to $1400 for two fixtures for the next tank instead of $700 for the ATI and it's not really designed for freshwater.
3. I knew I was going to be upgrading soon to a larger tank and I wanted a fixture I could grow with and use for Saltwater or Freshwater depending on my interests at the time.
4. I wasn't getting enough spread with the BMLed at the height I had it. The rear of the tank wasn't getting enough PAR and my stems were growing towards the middle of the tank instead of up like I intended it.

The BML is a great fixture by all accounts and it was a good investment. I probably won't be getting rid of it since my next tank I plan on going with a sump and intend on making a portion of it into a farming/grow out location out of view. (The girlfriend is going a little mad with how many tanks I have.

With this fixture i still get the Dimming ability that I loved so much with the BML and it's a super sexy looking so it's a win, win, win IMO.

Since I've had the ATI up, my HC has been pearling like mad, something I was never able to do with my LED Fixtures and I've managed to get that warmth of color I've wanted for so long.

I'm currently debating on whether I want to purchase an ADA90P or build my own Acrylic tank. If I go acrylic, I can build a larger tank for cheaper than the ADA but I absolutely love the quality of the ADA tanks. If I build my own it's going to be 42"L X24"W X 20"T and I can put in my overflow and still have plenty of room. I just don't like the idea of having to brace the tank but if I don't I have to go with 3/4 or 1" acrylic and most wave makers won't mount with that thickness of material. I looked into starfire glass but I'd be spending much more money than the acrylic.

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I totally agree with the your reasoning for T5s, especially if you're going with an ATI fixture. Love the scape btw! It somewhat looks as if both tanks intertwine, like one scape in two tanks! Haha. That'd be an interesting idea
That is an interesting observation! I never looked at it that way before haha. I could see how that would be a fun project to try sometime!

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Not a big update by any means.

Everythings been going good with this tank. I've just been messing with the ATI Sunpower and adjusting the PAR and photoperiod.

I raised the ATI Sunpower to 14" above the top of the tank so approx. 27" above the substrate and took a PAR reading. At 30% power I'm getting 80 PAR. No Algae outbreaks minus a few small growths of BBA that I'm working on.

Current Lighting Schedule is:
Channel 1: 0430: 5% [for viewing when I get up in the morning for work]
0530: OFF

Channel 1 &2 : 1300 to 1330 ramp up to 30%
1330 to 1930 stays at 30%
1930 to 2000 ramps down to 5%
2000 Channel 2 turns OFF
2000 to 2030 Channel 1 stays at 5%
2031 Channel 1 turns OFF

CO2 turns on at 0900 and by 1300 my pH drops from 7.25 to 6.25 and stabilizes till CO2 turns off at 1900. My Drop checker remains yellow throughout the day and all fish are responding fine and not stressed.

Towards the end of the day when the CO2 turns off my plants love to pearl. The fissidens in particular pearl like mad later in the evening towards the end of the photoperiod.

I must say I absolutely love this light. Best investment ever. A 4 bulb would have been PLENTY, even more than I would have needed I imagine.

Here's some quick snap shots I took of both the 60P and 45P together. The first one is cropped down so It's a bit more grainy.

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