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Shipping to Hawaii - A Refresher

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I've personally received a number of requests to ship plants to Hawaii the past couple weeks and thought it'd be a good idea to remind folks that it's not as simple as dropping a plant in the mail.

Please refer to this link at the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Note that if you're merely mailing a plant in a flat-rate box without proper disclosure, you and the recipient can face fines and legal trouble.

Happy planting!

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thanks for the info Jake. I have never thought that it would be any different before reading the link. Anyways, now I know and will have the info handy for future reference.

BTW, do you happen to know if aquatic/aquarium plants falls in the "grass family" in the link?
No, not all aquatic plants fall under the grasses category. That's typically not a category for aquatic plants.

All plants entering Hawaii require inspection before being released. In many instances, plants have to be quarantined for six months to a year before being released.

The general rule of thumb for hobbyists in HI: Buy from hobbyists already on the islands or from a known importer or fish shop. That way there's less hassle.

BTW, do you happen to know if aquatic/aquarium plants falls in the "grass family" in the link?
what i don't appreciate is when someone places an order with you and they don't revile the fact that they live in Hawaii;
Please note as well, for livestock- no invertebrates are legal to be shipped into Hawaii and to get fish, you need to get a permit (good for quite awhile) with specific species and quantities listed fro EACH shipment.
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