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Shipping to Alaska?

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Anyone know the rules about shipping shrimp to Alaska?
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Like what? It can take a long time and cost extra. I have shipped plants and shrimp there but they took two weeks priority. If I ever did it again I'd use express.
I doubt there are any import restriction there....nothing could likely survive the winters :)
Thanks. That's what I needed to know. :)
i got guppies from alaska one time. took a while so its best to ship in warmer months. or go express and use 72 hour heat pack
aye aye cap'n. :)
Hey Soothing,

I think most of the main points were covered here:

There was a change just this week though. The AK Legislature passed a bill banning the importation of five aquatic plant species, 2 species of Elodea, and three others I can remember (but I didn't care that they had been banned either, if that says anything...).

Hope that helps,
Rock Island
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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