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Shipping Riccia?

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I have a couple nice clumps of Riccia that I'm needing to ship to someone. What would be the best way of doing this without killing it?
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I've used sandwich bags with success in the past. (of course put the sandwich bag inside of a box)

- Joe
Dip a paper towel in your tank lay it out flat place plant on towel and fold around. place in a ziplock and seal. then pack box. you can get free boxes at Razorbacks Football
Thanks and Whoooooooooo Pig Sooie
Yeah, Toyota. That's how I pack virtually all of my plants for shipping. Most make it just fine. Sure, there are always some that don't make it, but that goes with the territory of weather changes and using the postal service.
I've also found that the cheap pillow stuffing (like filter floss) you can buy at Walmart ($2.79 for a huge bag) works pretty well as an insulator if you're paranoid about a plant making it. Wrap plant in wet/damp paper towel, seal in ziploc bag and line box with pillow foam. It's very lightweight as well. Works good if you're trying to keep it under 1 lb.
Wrap the plants with the filter floss its 100 percent better than paper towels. Unless the plants cook or freeze you will never loose plants in shipment.
Ian - aren't you worried about the plants drying out, since the filter floss is fairly dry and fluffy. Or do you just dampen the plant (squirt bottle?) before you bag it up and it works out?
I splash a bit of water into the bag, I am talking about maybe a teaspoon of water. But plants will actually ship better dry (no papertowel, with just the water on the plants) than with a paper towel. This is how I see it filter floss>dry>damp towel>wet towel. If you put any bit of water into to the bag you are still creating an envioronment of 100 percent humidity. How can plants dry out?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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