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Shipping Question!: Average weight of plant packages?

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Im picking the winners of my RAOK tonight, and im trying to figure out how much money ill need to take out of the bank to pay for to packages.
I have six winners, and im rechecking the prices i got for shipping, cause id like to lower the cost to the winners if i could.
But im not sure what the average wieght of a plant package is. Ill be using the small boxes.

What im shipping is frogbit in four packages and two packages have hygroryza aristata, water lettuce and frog bit, though i cant see the wieght even doubling from the extra plants.

I dont have a scale for ounces, of id just find out!

Thanks for your help!
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Oh really? That would be a nice surprise! Cause i just went to the USPS store, where they help you calculate your package, and i got everyone who entered state, and put in a zipcode from that state with different weights, and the prices i got were from $5.20 to $7.75 at twelve ounces, and at twenty four ounces, i got prices from $5.30 to $10.60. I guess i would have to know the wieghts ahead of time, though im probably going to go with the max amount, so im not short changed!
Still like to see how much other peoples packages weighed, though!

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