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Shipping Plants?

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Ive got some wisteria that I would like to get rid of in my tank as it is over taking my tank. My LFS is full of it and won't accept anymore. I hate to chunk it. So how would one go about shipping it? Would wrapping it in wet newspaper suffice? Would 2 day delivery be good enough in this condition?
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Simply pull it from the tank drop it in a ziplock bag and zip it, then lightly unzip a piece and blow up the bag and zip, no water. pack and ship.
I have found this to be the best method except for very fragile plants, I will also do that way but I will lightly wrap them in floss.
Most plants can go three or four days like this.
USPS Priority works well.
I was kind of wondering the same thing myself. Lately I have been traveling back and forth from Atlanta to Baltimore every week for work purposes. I have found a nice store in Balt (the Aquarium Depot) with a great selection of plants. I plan on buying some when I am there next week and taking them back to Atl with me. The problem is that I cannot take water on through the airline security. Would wrapping the plants in damp paper towels and placing them back into the petstore's plastic bag suffice? Or is there another method that would help guarantee the plants survival for the 4 hour trip?

Also, could I setup the plants for the trip the night before which would increase the transit time to around 16 hours? (I always fly back in the mornings, so the later I can sleep in the better.)
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