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Shipping Fish/Shrimp/Plants overseas? Will they survive?

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I live in Hawaii so if I want to buy anything online it'll usually come from somewhere off the island.
Has anyone had any experience buying from people/sites online and having the product shipped by plane(or boat, not sure lol.)?
Which Site/User?
If so, what was it(Shimp/Fish/Plant?)?
And how long did it take for it to reach you?
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I know this has been done, with different levels of success. I used to have an excellent page bookmarked, but lost it during my last reformat. I know there is info out there. Perhaps someone else has a bookmark they could share with you.

I boils down to a few key factors: temp, time, water quality, etc. Plants are definitely the easier of the 3. I've ordered from Asia on more than one occasion - usually with good results at a reasonable shipping rate. Took about 3 days to get to me.
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