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Beautiful pair ya got there!

I heard marbles can change all through their life. You can have a blue fish one month, and a red the next, if it is the "shifting" marble gene. There is also just a "marble-marble" where it more or less stays the same, but the intensity of the colors change.

Unfortunately, my shifting marble jumped ship at 1-1 1/2. Jazz was aptly named. Never the same color combinations 2 days in a row. Big Bubbles, pastel marble, jumped out at 2 years. (Yes, I learnt by my mistake, TOTALLY covered his tank, but he plowed right through the canvas mesh cover. He was a giant. Jazz tank was covered, too, but made it through a HOB crack).) He basically stayed the same colors, but the blue and red areas/markings would deepen and lighten to pink and aqua.

So, other than a year and a half observance, I don't know how they would end up color wise-if they would of reverted back to the original, or reach a peak and stay there.
I have both fishes' sons and daughters that are marble/marblish and a crown tail (unrelated) that is a riot of color. Make sure your bowls/tanks are covered best you can.
Maybe coincidence, but the marbles seem jumpy :)

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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