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Shiny New Marble HMPK Pair!!!

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Thanks so much Snowflake311!
They arrived yesterday, safe, sound & full of spunk!

The female has transitioned nicely into my sorority. I took everyone out, rearrnged a few things, added her 1st, then put the rest back in, adding the most dominate girlie last. I realize the new gal IS a plakat and theyre known to be a bit fiestier, but still in a bit of a shock that no one has paid her any attention. No chasing, no flaring, nada,... it's like she has been there all along.

(heads up, cell phone pics.. so not the best)

I am sooooo in love with her coloring! She didn't have any orange in her fins from her stock image I was shown when purchasing her, but now it's there! Can't wait to see how much more she changes, gotta love Marbles.

Now my boy, gosh he is tiny.. maybe It's just coz Im comparing him to my half-giant HM male Klaus. This new guy is about 1-1.5 inches. Young though, just over the 3 month mark.

So pretty too, his pic doesn't do him justice! He is so white he even glows, like for real! He reflects the lights, hah. The white shimmers almost like dragon scaled bettas shine. Not sure if he is considered a butterfly or a marble, none the less I adore em!

I hope to nab a flare shot of em soon, to show off the deep navy and turquoise in his fins.

Anywho, that's my future breeding pair!

Still waiting till after my vacation to even attempt it though. So beginning of June is when I plan to begin that adventure ^_^
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Thanks Duck! Last night I spied some orange coming in on his butterfly markings! Super excited! Where the orange is coming in is the gaps in the markings... can NOT wait to see how & her finish up.

Anyone know when about Marbles find their "final stage" in color morphing, or does this go on their whole life?

umarnasir335 o_O pics! I'd love to see em!

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Beautiful pair ya got there!

I heard marbles can change all through their life. You can have a blue fish one month, and a red the next, if it is the "shifting" marble gene. There is also just a "marble-marble" where it more or less stays the same, but the intensity of the colors change.

Unfortunately, my shifting marble jumped ship at 1-1 1/2. Jazz was aptly named. Never the same color combinations 2 days in a row. Big Bubbles, pastel marble, jumped out at 2 years. (Yes, I learnt by my mistake, TOTALLY covered his tank, but he plowed right through the canvas mesh cover. He was a giant. Jazz tank was covered, too, but made it through a HOB crack).) He basically stayed the same colors, but the blue and red areas/markings would deepen and lighten to pink and aqua.

So, other than a year and a half observance, I don't know how they would end up color wise-if they would of reverted back to the original, or reach a peak and stay there.
I have both fishes' sons and daughters that are marble/marblish and a crown tail (unrelated) that is a riot of color. Make sure your bowls/tanks are covered best you can.
Maybe coincidence, but the marbles seem jumpy :)

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