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Shimp and a top fish??

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I have a 15gallon long Cherry red shrimp tank and a 20 gallon tall red crystal shrimp tank. I was wondering what type of fish could be added to take up the top space. There heavily planted with moss and java fern.

Im totally aware ALL fish WILL eat the shrimplets. But there will always be
some in hiding.

I was thinking gourami's or maybe some hatchets. But would they eat adults. And will they actually "hunt" down the shrimplets
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Neons, cardinals, smaller tetras. If the tank is heavily planted, I wouldn't think you would have a problem with baby shrimp. I think it would just be which ever babies gets the food, grows up. Kind of like survival of the fittest. Hope I helped.

obviously most Nano tank fish will do fine.
if you want something more regular size;

head and tail light tetras

Hemigrammus ocellifer

are timid, schooling, mid-top dwellers that may compliment
a tank full of bottom dwellers especially in a planted tank.
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harlequin rasboras come to mind...mine always stay around the middle and top.
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