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Hey, I'm looking at setting up a tank for some shell dwelling cichlids and didn't know if any of you would know of a good place locally to get some escargot shells. Also, any kind of large (approx. 2 inch) snail would work and I could just take the shell.
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Most any of the oriental groceries will probably have what you are looking for.
In case anyone else cares, I found some at World Market in Thornton. And most of the oriental groceries don't carry the escargot shells since it is a French dish.
Hummm... all the oriental groceries I have been to around the Denver area have them. (Though maybe because I am usually only going to the larger H-Marts or M-Marts.)

Of course, I have no idea what dish is made with them, but they seem pretty popular.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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