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A few weeks ago I missed a step and everyone thought that I just severely sprained both ankles. For a week I stayed in bed, nursing some very tender feet.

Long story short... my left foot was still bothering me last week at the check up appointment and after an MRI it turns out, I broke my navicular bone in there. I was put in a plaster cast a few hours later and told NOT TO BEAR WEIGHT on my foot for 6 weeks.

That is a virtually impossible request for this Mamabear. I have two small kids, multiple fish tanks to maintain, a house to maintain, a pug to take outside to potty etc... life is just plain difficult. I'd been ignoring doctors orders this weekend and walking on the cast (duh...) but after reading up on that, I've learned that would be a disastrous decision, unless I like the idea of surgery and even MORE downtime.

So a few moments ago, I got the crutches out and I'm going to use them. Sigh. I know in the grand scheme of things, my complaints are minor but this just SUCKS. lol

Thought I'd just commiserate for a few.
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