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shameless plug for Fantasic Fins

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I've read the forums regarding store is Michigan and can't believe no one has mentioned this store :eek5: It is located in Livonia on Ann Arbor Road in a small shopping center. Anyone who likes plants and fish really should put it on their list of "must visits". Dale is one of the best pleco breeders in the country and Chris is just wonderful-period. They have so many fish and plants in the store you won't believe your eyes :icon_eek: They really know their stuff and aren't stingy about spending time with you or helping with any problems you might have. They also carry Stender discus for all you discus lovers, in fact that's the only line of discus they seem to carry. They also have Jim Langhammer's fish for sale as well. Believe me when I tell you you need to visit this store. Fish club meetings are held there too, the are a couple of really good guys, doing a wonderful job at supplying the aquarium hobbyist with some real gems. :fish: :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the review! I'll put that on my list for when I'm on the east side. :)
I agree. Fantastic Fins is the only place I buy my fish. I wont buy them from Choice, Preuss...anywhere else. Not one fish in my house is from anywhere else. As previously mentioned it is the best place for plecos, little tetras, apistos, anything rare really. I have been going there for years and I hang out with Dale and Chris regularly.
Thanks for the heads up on Fantastic Fins; I need more Cloud Tetras, might have to check them out this weekend.
Yup, another vote for fantastic fins. Preuss is great too, but too much of a drive.
Yeah Choice is alright if your looking just to buy plants....not fish. Their fish tend to be outrageously priced. and I never trust buying fish from a central filtration system. They usually end up being garbage and ususally taking some other fish down with them. Pruess.....again the plants are good...I didnt really look at their fish...but I like really out of the ordinary stuff if I am driving a long way to buy some fish......especially with todays gas prices!
I actually do trust Choice with fish. They are definitely a bit overpriced, but not much more than Preuss or Fantastic Fins.
Thank you for this info. I didn't know about this store and look forward to visiting!
Went and checked out Fantastic Fins a couple of weeks ago and what a great store for livestock! I picked up (2) Galaxy Dwarf Cichlids, never seen them before and Dale wrote down the scientific name so I can remember what they are! They're one of the coolest fish in my tank and very healthy! I wilol be back to pick up one of the Leopard Plecos that Dale breeds; awesome Store, great prices and wonderful service! Sorry for the long post just a good experience!
I stopped in this past week and was greatly disappointed by their plant selection. They had two or three tanks with scraggly weak looking plants. Perhaps I caught them at a bad time of the week.

Choice was definately a better place to get some plants.
The plant selection will get better. I am helping with the new "renovation" that is hopefully going to take place in the next couple of months. They are looking to definately upgrade the plant selection and searching out distributors.
After reading this thread I had to stop by the other day and check it out. I was shocked at the sheer number of oddball fish for sale. Some of the fish there I've been told can't be gotten at most fish stores. Big props on that. The plants however were still lacking but I didn't care cause every tank had something really cool to look at. I'll be going back...maybe tomorrow!
I stopped by again last week and the plant selection is getting better! :)
The guy that helped me was extremely helpful and answered several questions that I had about those "oddball" fish! Kudos for the fish selection and service!
here i am again reading forums from the passenger seat while my wife drives, I love my verizon mi-fi, i must say fantastic fins make the holiday trek from Philly to Detroit worth the effort. I go every time I come to Detroit. I was the end of November, Fish selection is better than anything i can find in Philly; plant selection is not that fantastic; however, they did have a ton of Java Moss then. and yes if you are looking for fancy long fin albino plecos this is THE place.
I have to say that fantastic fins is the best place to buy fish and plants in michigan. HANDS DOWN. The fish they carry are amazing and the prices are more tahn justified. Just to compare, their black neons (with which I stocked my 75gal) were 2.49$ while Preuss carried black neons for 2.99$. Their fish are also incredibly healthy and any problems you experience with their merchandise they have no problem fixing any hick-ups.
Their plants are also great if they happen to have some. The ones they usually carry are moss, ferns and crypts. ANy others, since they only have low light setups are a bit difficult to find. However, I have got glosso, HM, macrandra green, limnophila aromatica, A. reiniicke, P. verticillata, riccia and a bunch of others from them. I would say hands down, unless you are looking to get a CO2 tank refilled, go to fantastic fins. And if you ask really nicely they might loan you one of their CO2 tanks.
What's the going price on those Leopard Plecos, if you guys don't mind me asking?

Never made it there but will be heading to Michigan in a few weeks. May have to swing by since I got rid of my saltwater (bye bye Trop :()
depending what you mean with leopard pleco, if you are referring to the L 006 then 40$ a fish.
I been to this fish store. They do have great looking fish. I have bought several fish from them. They are great to work with. Have any of you ever check out fish Doctors in Ypsilanti. They also have nice fish there also. Plants are nice also. I should know because they some times buy my plants from me. They seem to sell alot of plants fast there.
Visited Fantastic Fins over the weekend. Their stock is excellent, healthy, and extremely diverse. I walked out with a bunch of good looking rummynose and some of the biggest ottos I've ever seen. Lots of hard to find fish there, especially if you're an L# fan. Can't beat L66 being bred in-store.
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