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First of all, please excuse my English, as it is not my first language.
I need a bit of help with the equipment to be used in setting up a medium to heavily planted tank.

The tank, which will be custom made, will have the following dimensions Width: 140 cm x Depth: 40 cm x Height 30 cm. (55in x 15.7in x 11.8in). The actual volume of water minus the scaping and substrate will be approximately 120 liter (32 gallons).

The stand/ cabinet will also be custom made but have a limitation with the height. Maximum I can go is 52cm (19.69in). Effectively, this will leave me with approximately 46 cm interior height for the equipment.
My goal is to have as little visible equipment as possible.

Due to the cabinet’s height limitation, and the tank’s width, I am a bit concerned with the filtration and water circulation. What would be better,
  • one large cannister filter that can barely fit in the cabinet, for example the Oase BioMaster Thermo 350, Eheim professionel 4+350T, which have a maximum flow rate of approximately 1100l/h (290 gph) and maybe add a powerhead for better water circulation.
  • Two smaller cannister filters, for example two BioMaster Thermo 250.
  • Possibly a sump. I do not particularly like the idea of having the overflow system inside or on the back of the aquarium.
  • Any other suggestions?
What would be the best set up configuration? Inline or in-tank diffuser? Would I have a problem with how shallow the tank would be?

Would appreciate some good light recommendations for this set up, taking into account the width of the tank and the height (shallow). The plants that will be used would be carpet and some medium to high demand.

RO System
Currently my tap water is very high. Would an RO System be mandatory?

Any other equipment that I might have forgotten would be appreciated.

Many thanks,
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