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Shallow 30 Gallon Cube tank - DIY everything

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I will update this thread as I go along, enjoy!

UPDATE: DE-RIMMING IT! pics attached!

This is what it looks like today: (updated Aug 30th)
<this image will be updated every so often>

30 Gallon with dimensions of 25x25x12

My only regret with this tank:
I wish I had dropped another 50$ to get this tank rimless (no longer the case!)
<this list will grow over time, Im sure>
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Returning. Videotapes.
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This is one my personal favorite tanks. I really enjoy seeing the hair grass against that color of gravel; the Fissidens on the driftwood is great, and the driftwood isn't very overwhelming and fits the tank quite well. It's very quiet and peaceful. Serene.....I guess I just like the look and feel to it.

Anyhow, really nice work, Griffin.
121 - 131 of 131 Posts
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