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Shallow 30 Gallon Cube tank - DIY everything

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I will update this thread as I go along, enjoy!

UPDATE: DE-RIMMING IT! pics attached!

This is what it looks like today: (updated Aug 30th)
<this image will be updated every so often>

30 Gallon with dimensions of 25x25x12

My only regret with this tank:
I wish I had dropped another 50$ to get this tank rimless (no longer the case!)
<this list will grow over time, Im sure>
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I derimmed my 20 long while it was in action, luckily my edges were decent, none are sharp or ugly, but not sure how yours would be, however sealing the inside to make sure nothing falls in is easy when you sand it down, should you have to. its easy and it is fun, the trick is going slow for your first one, my first derimming i took an hour, now with confidence it takes about 5-10 minutes for the top rim of a 40 breeder and about 15-30 for the bottom.
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