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shaded low light plants?

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I have a stumpy driftwood piece in the tank that has some open area underneath it. It takes away from some good planted real estate but I like it and some fish hang out there as well.
So are there some low light plants that can survive totally shaded ? anubias?
Another question with the driftwood - the piece is tall and sits about 3 inches from waterline. Right now I have java moss on it. Would it be possible to grow Hc on it? It has a good ... not sure how to describe it, shelf/pocket so something can go there unless it has some crazy roots. The light is I believe on the high end of low but on the driftwood it would be like 6" from light.
Sorry for weird questions but still learning the plant thing.
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I have several anubias in completely shaded areas, they do just fine. You can attach HC to driftwood, good luck with that though, it loves to float!
Thanks. Maybe I'll skip the hc. It's in a high flow area too. I think I just want it because everyone wants it. I'm not sure I really even like it that much. I was thinking something other than java moss though. Something a little hardier looking if that makes sense.
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