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One of my most visited photography locations is Sandy Hook National Park, located in central New Jersey. It's a great place to relax and enjoy nature in an environment that's very unique. Wildlife is abundant, and there's a lot to explore. Sandy Hook is a peninsula, and it was home to an old military base during the cold war, called Fort Hancock. Meant to protect Manhattan from nuclear attack, the base base was decomissioned after the war, but the very tip of the peninsula is now home to a US Coast Guard base. Despite the decommissioning of the fort, many of the old buildings and bunkers were preserved, and now serve as educational pieces.

Google Maps View of Sandy Hook, NJ

Nevertheless, the park is full of great scenery and various types of wildlife...and because I take so many pictures, I figured I'd share a few with you :biggrin: Besides wildlife photography, my other passion is landscape photography. I go so often, that I've amassed a lot of pictures from the park during all of the seasons, so with that in mind....

A Sandy Hook National Park Picture Story of the Seasons....


1. You'll be seeing a lot of this building. Its a hall/chapel...many weddings are held here for the scenic and surreal view of the inlet just feet away from the building, where the sun sets on the water....

2. Wildlife is varied, but of course the basics are covered, like ordinary seagulls...

3. One of the rarer and harder to find visitors to Sandy Hook. Visiting for only 2 months tops, these harbor seals are hard to find. I personally spent a month and a half looking for one before I finally spotted one! At the end of April, these seals sense the warming water and leave the NJ area and begin to head back towards Nova Scotia and the Northern United States...

4. Whos watching who?

5. A dramatic sunset...

Spring is when the new life begins to appear, and the wildlife becomes more and more present....

6. Mallard Duck takes a nap...

7. Great Egret Portrait

8. Stalking it's prey...

9. Oh Hai There!

10. We have liftoff!

11. In flight...

12. Fishing at Sunset

13. April Showers bring May Flowers...


14. Sunset at High Tide



17. Marshland

18. Pools of the River

19. Up in the Clouds

20. HDR anyone?


21. Sunset of the Colors

22. Fall Foliage in Small Town USA

23. Beautiful Autumn Feel...


24. Ice Caps

25. Frozen

26. The Frozen Chapel

27. Other Worldly


Late winter and finally no more snow...


30. Small lake with an observation blind...never actually found anything there haha...

31. Leafless...

If you would like to see larger versions, you can visit my Flickr page at

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#17 and 18 were with the X100, #19 with my old D40, and the rest were with the D7000....

Oh yeah, I shipped my X100 out to a buyer today, paid $1200 shipped. It was fun, but I have bigger plans. Besides, I could always buy another one later down the road, or the interchangeable lens model when it comes out.

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doh...that's to play with a uber cool toy and didn't lose any value...because you sold it before the X100 v2 came out. :)

emmm...yeah..and the clarity of your photos are no joke...
Yeah, thats one great thing about photography stuff...bodies may lose value (unless wildly popular like the X100) but lenses depreciate in value very little, and in some cases actually appreciate in value. I've sold two lenses recently for more than I paid...

And thanks! I try to give that awesome clarity impression if that makes any sense lol...
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