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Sexing my german blue ram

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Sorry for the picture quality they were taken with a crappy digital camera and the ram wouldn't stop moving. Can anyone tell if its male or female?


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lol thanks. the guy at the lfs said it was a male, obviously he was wrong.
Well it's showing all the signs of a female except the super pink belly (though it might be just really subdued). Looking at the "genitalia" it looks to be equipped with a ovipositor, and there are large blue "spangles" throughout the black spot. Sexing GBRs can be hard, I have a GBR I've still haven't gotten a clear cut answer on if it's male or female.
It looks like a female. Although Rion is right, it doesn't have the super pink belly but that may just be because it's not spawning. Most of my females look like that except when they are about to lay eggs and than the belly gets super pink.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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