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Sexing dwarf gouramis

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Is this a male for female dwarf gourami?
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+1 male, females also have a more rounded back end on their dorsal fin
Very lovely color on that one btw ^^ love powderblue dwarf gourami but he looks darker/more vibrant
Rarely will you ever find a female in a shop, as their color is basically a light gray with minimal color on them. Any bright, pretty dwarf is a male.

Hard to tell from the picture of the fish by itself but I think that one is a very colorful powder blue female.

It would be easier to tell if there are other similar dwarf gourami in the same tank. The male would have a longer(tip to tail) body shape with a somewhat gradual taper from front to back and the female will have a taller body shape that seems to have a bigger tapper from front to back(front by the head is really tall from top to bottom, tail is very short from top to bottom)

Also, if you look at the dorsal fins of the male, the tip would probably have a very sharp tip where as the female will be somewhat rounded like the one in the picture above.
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Here's another photo, I do have another one which I know is a male but I can't get a good photo of him right now
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Rarely will you ever find a female in a shop, as their color is basically a light gray with minimal color on them.
I didn't get them from a shop. I acquired them as a male/female pair but thought wow that female is bright. So thought I would double check here. Side by side there is a noticable difference between the two. If this thing would hurry up and let me upload the photo already....
Anybody else have some more input??
I've never seen a blue female. Females of all of the color varieties are always a uniform brownish silver & wild type females are brownish with blue stripes.
They appear to be males. I have a powder blue male and 3 females. The girls are almost silver with yellowish fins. If it is two males, it will soon be one. I tried to keep a red gourami with a blue just like yours and the littler red one got picked on and eventually died, despite isolating the aggressor. Good luck...

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Thanks. Luckily I have enough tanks that they can be seperated.
What you have is one "dwarf gourami" and then you have a "powder blue dwarf gourami". Both males as far as I can tell.

See this link for a female pic
I still think the blue one is female. I had the same questions you have and searched on the web and found someone with a proven breeding pair where the female was a very colorful blue just like the one you have. I guess the only way to know for sure is to see if they breed.
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