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Sexing Angelfish

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Can anyone help sex this angelfish, I always thought it was a male, but now I am beginning to question myself.



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its kind of hard to say what it is...reason being is because no breeding tube is showing....but just so you know for future ref...the male has a little needle looking tube and the female has a larger can really tell which is if you only have one in your tank then you might never know because he/she wont get into the "mood"
looks like a male to me,going by the "hump" right behind the head.females tend to be smaller through there.But,then this isn't 100%,kinda sorta a guess.

My first impressions says male,but I've been wrong before.
The only way to be 100% sure is when breeding. Even just looking at extended papilla might be confusing. I have a male that looks like a female, with only the tiniest indication of a bump above his head. He and my other three largest are approaching "that age", so their papilla get extended quite frequently, but it took me a while to identify two of them.


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Nothing is gauranteed when sexing angels, but I tend to think you have a female, based on what I see in the pics as a more angular body, and no pectoral fin secondary rays/serrations.

But that head bump leans toward male.

But, as is well documented the only sure way is to wait for the genital papilla to descend.
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