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Settled on the Fluval 406. thanks for all your input

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The "help me pick a filter" threads let me know one thing - just about all the manufacturers get equal good and bad reviews, and a google search for filtername leak shows that all can have problems as well.

Came down to the Fluval 406 and the Eheim 2217. Wanted to love the Eheim, great specs! The customer service problems and the cost of parts seem like an issue.

The Fluval looks like a solid unit, the rectangular shape is nice, looks like the local petcosmart stores will have parts and supplies readily available.

Found one on Amazon for 149 & free shipping.

Is the goosneck/plastic outflow acceptable, or would you replace? WIll definitely be putting a sponge prefilter over the intake.

The tank is 36 gallons, Should I step down one to the 306?
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I have a 306 on my 37gal and I find it to be enough flow and filtration. However, I'm a fan of overfiltering and have a 2nd canister running so I have more than enough :icon_wink. The goose neck output does a a good job dispersing the water.
Stay with the 406. The flow is adjustable if needed.
Stay with the 406. The flow is adjustable if needed.
+1 on the adjustable flow. I have a 306 on my 29 gallon, and it works great. But I don't think the 406 would be to much on it.I used the original tubes, inlet and outlet at first. But I changed to regular clear vinyl tubing/ and this inlet/outlet later on.

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