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I started my 90 litre planted tank about 6 months ago and I have become addicted. If I did another tank I would do so many things differently and over time. So I am :) I am upgrading from 90 litres to 180 litres. (Biggest I can fit in space). I have done a lot more research now, and this is my plan, please let me know if I should change anything and have recommendations.

I will be upgrading to the Juwel Vision 180 aquarium. This tank comes with 2 x 35W T5 Fluorescent High Light bulbs. One is 6800 K & one is 9000 K. I was going to fit reflectors and I was going to start with the lights on for 10 hours every day.

I will be removing the internal filter and fitting a Fluval 305 external filter. I have gone for a higher lph so that my tank does not have dead spots and helps to circulate the nutrients around the tank.
I will be removing the carbon (as I have read it takes nutrients out the water) from the external filter and replacing with polishing pads.

I will be using 3 inch depth of Eco Complete or Seachem Flourite (not decided) with sand on top.

I will be also adding CO2, I was planning to buy the JBL Proflora u402. I will be adding CO2 during the day and turning off at night then running an air pump.

I am unsure on what fertilizers to dose so I would appreciate some recommendations.

I really would appreciate any recommendations or advice.


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Definitely, you will need to add both macro and micronutrients to your planted tank.

Given your high amount of light, I would recommend the "estimative index" (EI) method of dosing fertilizers. If you have access to the bulk chemical fertilizers, this would definitely be the cheapest option. Commercial products are also available, but are would be much more expensive.

Tom Barr's website (as well as this one) has a great deal of information regarding this.
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