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Setting up my first tank after a while of being away

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So, I’m working on getting a tank set up again to get my feet wet before my big(as big as she’ll let me) build. I figured I’d use it to get some plants growing that I can move over, as well as to get my co2 system, lighting levels, and fert schedule dialed in.

I have a 15 long sitting around that I think I’ll be using if I can’t find a ADA 60P or Mr. Aqua 17.4g for cheap. They all have the same footprint so my stand and lighting choices would work for any of them. I’d love it if you guys could let me know what you think of my ideas so far.

Tank: 15L/60P/Mr. Aqua – Each has basically a 24” x 12” footprint with the latter two being 2” or so taller.
Filtration: Eheim 2215 – Thinking about running some SS lily pipes to the tank. They look great.
Co2: Home built Victor Reg setup – Cerges reactor in line with filter output and drop checker of some sort.
Lighting: I’m really leaning towards the Finnex Ray II Daylight setup. I could be swayed to Catalina T5HO rig though. Maybe 4 bulb with a noon burst.
Misc. Equipment: Hydor inline heater, digital thermometer of some sort, PC cooling fans.
Hardscape: Very minimal. I’m thinking Amazonia New and a bit of Manzanita wood. Nothing crazy.
Flora: UG, Tropica 049, Blyxa Japonica, Undecided red stem plants, Downoi, and Erios
Fauna: CRS/CBS, ottos, small schooling fish

Thoughts? Ideas? Am I missing anything?


When I get everything together I’ll do a full journal, complete with photo records of everything to include the regulator build, solenoid wiring and cerges build. Should be fun.
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Well, I answered one question on my own. Mr Aqua tank it is. Its my frist real rimless tank. Can't wait to get everything else going.
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