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Your 56 gal. tank is about the smallest sized tank recommended for keeping discus, and 5 fish is generally the minimum number for a compatible discus group, so as to avoid pecking order establishment issues (keeping just 2, 3, or 4 usually becomes a problem).

Suggestions for you to be successful at discus-keeping:

- Get your discus from a well-known reputable source for supplying high quality, healthy & well-shaped discus - (avoid LFS's for getting discus) -
This will probably mean ordering fish online from an established, experienced commercial importer/breeder. Best suppliers nearest to you are located in 2 or 3 south Florida cities; Baltimore,Md.;, or Chicago,Ill. I can give you details in due course.

- Do not buy small, undersized young, or early juvenile fish whose immune systems are not yet very well developed - while they're less expensive, they are far more prone to health issues than larger, more mature fish. Don't even think about getting anything less than approx.. 3.5" in size, preferably 4" or larger - (You'll save money in the long run by not losing expensive fish so wait until your wallet allows you to get near adult fish).

- Since your tank is the smallest size recommended, keep it discus only - no tank-mates - you want to keep it under-stocked to avoid an unduly high bio-load in the tank.

- Plant sparingly, giving yourself a lot of room for tank cleansing/vacuuming, as well as swimming room for the discus, and don't neglect doing large, frequent fresh water changes. Avoid high intensity lighting, and the use of pool filter sand is recommended as substrate.
Keep things as simple as possible.

Go with the above recommendations to give yourself the best chances to succeed at discus-keeping.

Best of luck to you.

It might help you somewhat more to have a read through my "Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with Discus", located in the 'FISH' section - click on FAQ & Articles to access it.
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