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setting up CO2 for the first time: how much torque on the regulator connection?

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Hi all -

Well, I'm about to set up my brand new CO2 system that I bought from GLA. Good times!!

But a quick question: in step two I put the permanent between the reg and the cylinder and tighten with a crescent wrench. Can do, but how much torque? I've apprehensive to over torque the connection. Is this like brass where you have to be gentle, or should this be incredibly tight to be leak-free?

I don't have a torque wrench so I can't exactly measure it, but any advice would be welcome.

This kind of stuff is new to me so I'm being careful. Any advice appreciated :)
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Crank it down, you won't hurt it. Just don't put your entire body weight on it. I'd just use enough force that my arms will give me....that's all.

Great purchase. Welcome to pressurized much easier.


I guess the question is ..... R U Manly ? I notice the manly reference in the first step.
You can grow facial hair ...according to your Avatar/Profile Pic..... If you shave your legs, then you should get a neighbor to help you !

Or get Mahatma Ghandi..... was a pretty tough guy!
ok thanks!

I am manly enough, I suppose!
But can you take a joke.

I love pics of others tanks and set-ups... you have any to share?
But can you take a joke.

I love pics of others tanks and set-ups... you have any to share?
Sort of, but I'm just starting out and learning to get decent photos.
Just a heads up regarding this. I bought a used co2 regulator a couple years back and the old user had overtightened it by the looks of the plastic washer. The washer ring had been tightened so much that it started to flatten out inside the nut connector on the regulator. This resulted in a nut on the regulator to cylinder nut hardly turning and made it harder to attached to a co2 cylinder. I guess the old owner was very manly!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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