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Setting up angel breeder

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Hi all - just finished filling a 20 high with RO water to act as an angel breeder. I have a standard and a gold that have paired off finally in my 90 and will put them in there. It's a bare tank, just a heater and (soon) gigantic sponge filter. Two quick questions - First ,I have the sponge filter running in my 90 now to seed the sponge with BB - about how long should I leave it in the 90 for the sponge to be appropriately colonized before moving to the 20? Also, anything I need to do to keep the bacteria up and running on it prior to moving the pair over? I was thinking of adding some stress zyme or something - should be soon when I move the fish over to it. Thanks!
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Keep the sponge in the 90G for a couple of weeks. Fill the 20G with 10G of water from the 90G and the rest RO. Put the seeded sponge in the 20G, and add some Seachem Stability as instructed and you should be good to go. A small box filter with some Purigen goes a long way toward keeping it clean too.

Water changes will be your best friend. Unless your source water is hard as a rock, RO shouldn't be needed. Unless these are LFS angels that were imported or farmed somewhere, the lion's share of hybrid's available privately don't need RO, and can deal withe somewhat elevated Ph and Dkh.
Great thanks! I'll get some seachem stability. Would you recommend using both the sponge and a small box filter with the purigen?
I swear by Purigen and lots of others do too. There may be cheaper products for sure, but I stick with known successes as in Stability.

Breeding pairs make water changes a real challenge. They can really turn a 20G upside down when they go after your arm or whatever tool you stick in there. I would suggest using both. Just make sure there aren't any "pockets" in the box filter for little ones to get lost in once they go free-swimming. The box filter in addition to the sponge has helped make it easier to maintain water quality until it's time to separate them.
perfect, thanks! I just ordered a box filter and already have a couple of the seachem purigen bags handy. Now to go find a piece of slate.
If you ask someone at one of the box stores on a slow weeknight; I had a guy cut up a 12 X 12 4 ways for me. I don't think the whole lot cost me $2. If you check Aquabid, I think there's a guy there that sells green acrylic pseudo-slates. The green is closer to a plant leaf. I buy that thinking. With shipping would def. cost more though.
Yep the owner at the LFS just gave me a small piece. I'm hoping the standard angel of the pair is heterozygous.

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