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I have been out of the aquarium hobby for 8 years, and getting back into it, I remember alot about the cycle and lights (of course back then it was WPG, this new par thing is different)

Need some help deciphering what i need to do in regards to fertilizing based on the tap water in my area.

55gal tank
Currently cycled 0am 0ni 15na
Current Inhabitants
5 white skirt tetras (eventually 10
5 panda cories (eventually 10)
Pair of Blue Rams
snails - MTS / pond and ramshorns

Plants, various i have gotten from local aquariasts as trimming, probably close to 60% total substrate covered

Play sand bottom (root tabs will be a must)

now the local water quality report for 2015

With a PH of almost 8 it seems my water is very imperfect for my inhabitants however they seem to not mind it at all. and stability is better is most instances than perfect so I have done nothing to change these values.

I will eventually be adding pressurized CO2, Lighting is currently provided by a Finnex planted+ 24/7


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