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setting up a low light tank.. please help

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Hi guys,

I am doin a restart on my 72 gal bow .. I use to have a high light co2 tank..
But I don’t have time to spend on the tank.. ie fiddle with Ferts and what not..
So I am planning a low light tank.

Here are the details..

2X65 @ 65000K. for about 8 hrs. (I have a 65 X4 JBJ PC unit)
Eco-Complete @ 2 inches
NO CO2, I have the whole set up but will not be using it.

Here is a list of plants..

• Vals, Corkscrew (Vallisneria americana)
• Java Fern, Lace (Microsorium pteropus v. ‘'Windelov')
• Petite Nana (Anubias Pygmy Nana)
• Nana (Anubias barteri v. ‘Nana’)
• Subulata, Dwarf (Sagittaria subulata)
• Anacharis (Egeria najas)
• Sword, Broad Leaf Chain (Echinodorus quadricostatus)
• Java Moss (Vesicularia Dubyana)
• Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)

What do you guys think, doable…
Am I missing anything… any pointers…
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do a search for the "best" low lights plants, there are a few threads just recently in the "Low Tech" section of this forum, read thru there, that's where I got all the info for the new low tech tank (29g in my sig) I'm setting up, I think most of your general questions will be answered by rooting around in the low-tech forum...

I would "GUESS" that 2wpg is the max you'd want for a low-light setup, remember its a balance between Light&ferts&fishload&plantload&CO2....low CO2 means lower lights...

I think lots of low-tech guys still do Excel, I'm going to, and I'll still be dosing dry ferts, but like a SMALL % of the recommended dosage, my .02
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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