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Setting up a 30 gallon - Suggestions, Advice & Ideas

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Hey everyone I am setting up a 30 gallon (long) tank in a few days and I am just looking to get some ideas/suggestions/advisory as to how I should set it up & stock it, etc.

In my current tank I have a (male) Betta, some Shrimp, a pair of African Dwarf Frogs, and a Chinese Algae-eater (who I'm getting rid of) with a bare-floor, a few shells/rocks for hiding spots, and some fake plants. The only live plant I have right now is Java Moss, but I'm picking up some nice healthy Bacopa & Cryptocrones as well as some silk plants and natural looking gravel today.

As for stocking... I'll be adding more ADFs, but I would really like to add a school of little fish. I would really like to go with Dwarf Pufferfish but they're gonna need their own tank.
However, I also have a practical few types in mind; neon/green tetras, wild/feeder (female) guppies or white cloud minnows.
What do you all think?

Also, I am wondering about putting wood in the tank.
They don't sell any at the local pet shop, so I was wondering how to go about this. What type of wood it should be, how I should sterilize it, etc.

Also, any suggestions/photo examples for a set up are more than welcome.
Thank you very much! :icon_smil
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Check out my 20 gallon tank in my signature. I love driftwood, and have been picking it up from the Swap and shop section or local dealers. If you are buying from a store you might want to boil the wood and let it soak so it will sink. If you are going to try and salvage your own, you really need to use something like a pressure washer with super hot water, or let it dry completely in the sun for several weeks to kill any organisms. I am sure there are good threads about doing this.

I have not had any luck with Bacopa, I think it will need a good amount of light. Crypts are great plants and are easy to care for.

I personally love Rasorbas, I have 9 in my tank and they are always hanging out together. They are a little bigger than neons, but no bigger than 1.5"

Good luck.
Sweet that looks great! Thanks for the tips & inspiration. :)
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