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Hey guys.
I am starting a 20 gallon 24 inch long, planted aquarium.
I am still cycling it, but I have thought of some fish i wanted to keep. Do you think this is overstocked?
5-6 Neon Tetras
5-6 Harlequin Rasboras
2 female Dwarf Gouramis
MAYBE a Bristlenose Pleco or some Otocinclus Catfish
Also, I cannot seem to find any great info about dwarf gouramis.
Can 2 males be kept together? What is the tank size for dwarf gouramis?
And any other info about dwarf gourami care would be appreciated.

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That should be fine as long as you have good filtration, a few otos would be better than the pleco though and some would suggest a large school of one variety rather than two small competing schools.

Two male dwarf gourami's will work, they are quite docile. Just be sure to have some thick vegetation in an area of the tank as they like to have cover to hide in. Oh and be sure they are the dwarf variety which are about 3" full grown at the most, will get too large for that tank otherwise.
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