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Setting up a 2 gal. cookie jar

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Hello everyone, I'm setting up a 2 gallon cookie jar. I am going to use Miracle Grow Organic Potting Soil and cap it with sand. My question I am going to put 1" of MGOPS. Should I pack it down tightly? Should I go with 1.5". This is very new to me and just trying to set it up right.

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you can do either. the most important thing is to not upset the cap layer after all is done. that means no uprooting plants to trim. try to choose plants that need less maintenance.
Here is my stocking list:
Crypt Wendtii
Hygro Sunset
Java Moss
Java Fern
The bowl will be unfiltered and running a 6700k 23W bulb.
I have looked at your Bowl thread Newman and its awesome.
i would skip the hygro as it grows very fast, will require lots of trimming, uprooting, etc. unless you dont trim and let it grow out of the bowl. that would look nice and save you effort.
Thank you the thread on your bowl has tons of info it was good reading.
I think I will keep the Hygro I do like the look of plants growing out of the bowl.
yes that effect is always nice imo. hopefully it will grow out of the bowl/jar for you :)

but before you get going, what kind of shrimp do you want to keep in this?
Since I am a noob at this I planned on Red Cherry Shrimp. My plan for now is let the tank grow and fill. Not really in a hurry to add Shrimp. My question would once I fill with water can I add plants or am I stuck with whats in there.
yes cherry shrimp are best for this project.

good plan. let it grow for a month or until the plants fill in. you can even do a dry start if you want faster results.

Some people say that our bowls start to look ugly when they're all greened out, but I have to disagree. there is a good purpose for greening out a bowl - maximum oxygen production, maximum filtration by the plants, and some good foraging area, especially if there is moss in the bowl.

usually the more plants you can grow in that thing, the better for your shrimp.

once you fill it, you'll want to wait a while for the plants to grow into the substrate and stabilize it, so that it is not easily upset. at the beginning you will find that the cap layer is easily moved around if you pour water into the bowl. you have to pour water slowly and carefully to avoid messing up the substrate. the same goes for trying to plant things early. the soil will just get messed up. after a while though the plant roots will help stabilize it and you can then try very carefully planting other things.

good luck!
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I thought about a dry start but I just wanted to fill it up. I'm impatient like that. Just filled with water and somewhat cloudy but, a couple of water changes should clean it right up. I have this Salvinia and as I understand its a floating plant. Should I put it in the tank now or wait till the bowl is clear? Right now its in a plastic bag and the plant is moist.

I took some pictures they will be up soon.

Thank you Newman for answering my questions
no prob, would be nice to see the jar once its clear.

yes as long as you have a light over the jar, then you can put the plant in the water now. salvinia should float, and cloudy water should not affect it since the leaves point out of the water.
Ran into a problem. Doing a water change hose lost pressure and burped back into the bowl. This burp punched a hole in the sand cap. Can I siphon the bowl back to the sand an pour a little more sand to recap it.
Yes that will work. I've done that few times in my 15G
Running out right to buy some airline so I can siphon the tank. The tank was somewhat clear and thought a water would help. Oh well:mad:

Yes that will work. I've done that few times in my 15G
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