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Setting up 29g. Hold my hand...

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Sorry for the quality of pictures, I misplaced my camera.

So my goal is maximum beauty for minimum time investment. I realize that sounds pretty unoriginal as everybody wants that. But, some people are willing to invest more time than others, that's all. I have to admit that I love the look of a dim blackwater tank with lots of driftwood and anubias, so I considered that for a second too as that would be even much lower maintenance than what I want. But that's not something I want to go for now. I would like something bright and green.

For fish, I am planning on angels as main fish and then dither fish like harlequin rasboras, neon tetras, etc. Was also thinking of getting a small family of juvenile clown loaches. (And, I am very well aware of the tank requirements of the clown loaches but I have a very good relationship with my LFS and I have always been able to bring any fish back to them if I needed to rehouse.) Maybe cories instead of CLs.

So, what I do need my hand held with is the plants part. :icon_redf

What I have so far is

Turface MVP (they promised it was gray but it turned out to be red when I brought it home but I decided to use it anyways). I hate how dusty it is, even after I washed it for a long long time. I topped it with some natural stone gravel to break up the mundane redness.

Light:Nova Extreme SLR (single light reflector) 2x24W (one 10000k, one "pink"), standing on legs above the topless tank.

Plants: as you can see from the crappy pictures... not a lot. Not great... Haha. I stole some of the low maintenance plants from my 20L tank to start with, that's about it.

Water wisteria (my favorite), corkscrew val, ambulia, rotala indica (I think) in very poor shape, java moss that I am trying to get attached to a piece of wood and that looks shytty to me right now, plus a plant that I don't know the name of that I bought last week that's in the background and a smaller version of it in the foreground. I will find out the name later on today when I go back to the LFS.

I don't really feel like dealing with CO2 right now. I have money to do it well, so that's not the issue. I just want to minimize the equipment and time and attention that needs to be spent on the tank and I know that i can get away without it and still have a beautiful tank.

I have a bottle of Flourish and a bottle of Excel that I am planning on using. I am not against more ferts, if you think they are needed.

Other equipment (not that it matters much): AquaClear 50 and an AquaTech 30. I might just take the AquaTech off and put in a sponge filter instead for visual as well as aural improvement. Plus a Stealth 150W heater.

Problems: I am already battling algae every day on the glass. If I did not scrape every day my front and back glass would be totally green.

OK, I'm done. I'm open to any advice, suggestions, etc. I can read and I have read tons of info over a long period of time. Yet, nothing helps like direct feedback to your specific situation.

Thank you.


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It looks nice! Good luck getting the java moss attached to the driftwood, I can never get it to stick to my slate.
IMO that's too much light unless you're dosing daily Excel. You probably should consider adding CO2 to the tank, or going down to just one bulb.
IMO that's too much light unless you're dosing daily Excel. You probably should consider adding CO2 to the tank, or going down to just one bulb.
Thanks for the reply!

I started daily Excel dosing and I am waiting for KNO3 and KH2PO4 in the mail so I can start adding some dry ferts.

The plants that are in my tank now are doing pretty great. Since I started dosing Excel a week ago I've had my Rotala grow 3-4 brand new leave from what was just a bare stem with some roots. I am pretty stoked about that. Also, the algae growth on the glass seems to have either stopped or slowed down, but too early to tell.

Right now my biggest problem is the lack of plants and the LFSs are not expecting a shipment for another 2-3 weeks... I'm gonna try the S&S forum.
making a diy c02 setup is pretty easy. adds 3 minutes every two weeks. I was using just excel for months and as soon as i went to diy c02 and excel the plants blew up, my amazon even grew two babies. if you want to fill your tank fast i would consider diy c02. if you liek it bump up to a real c02 system
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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