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Setting Up 28g Nano Saltwater Tank

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Hi There,

I'm thinking to get a 28 gal HQI nano setup for a saltwater tank. I've had a 50-gal one before and was moderately successful...killed a few anemones (lack of sufficient lighting? food? i'll need to do more research on anemones) but all fish and shrimps survived.

I want to keep my new tank interesting but simple...meaning, if a couple frogfish can survive in this tank, I don't mind having just the two and some live rocks. There are a few critters I'm considering. Could someone kindly provide experienced advise to help me avoid killing another living creature as much as possible?

Things I'd like to have in the tank:

- live rocks
- fire shrimp
- soft corals
and one or more of the followings (in order of preference), if they are compatible...
- frogfish (is it possible? how many can I have?)
- seahorse
- clown + anemone
- coral beauty angel
- trigger
- mandarin
- leaf fish

I realize the list may sound silly to some or many of you experienced ones. So please be frank on your advise...but be kind, too. :D THNX!
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I would say you could keep one of the smaller Frogfish but you probably would not be able to keep anything else with it

I will give you my opinions on the rest.

- seahorse Can be very difficult and you tank is too short for most
- clown + anemone Your tank is much too small for any of the hosting Nems
- coral beauty angel This one could work in your tank
- trigger NO WAY get much too large
- mandarin NO tank is to small to keep a food supply for them
- leaf fish I assume you are talking about the scorpion fish if so the same holds true as the frogfish and my understanding is that the scorpion fish has a nasty venom so if you try one of them please use caution
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