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Hi all, I'm wondering if I should do more to bring my pH up a little to more "ideal" params. I know that stability is often better than theoretical perfect params, but if I can safely stabilize closer to ideal, it seems like a good idea to start this tank on a solid foundation.

I have a fairly new, low tech planted tank with Amazonia AS. It was fishless cycled for 6 weeks, then stocked for about 3 now (specifics in my signature). I'm finding that the pH 2-3 days after a water change tends to sit at 6.0. Water out of my tap here in San Francisco is very soft and about 8.0 after aging 24 hours. Unsurprisingly, the tank gH and kH is also very soft, where 0-1 drops will change color (all tests using API).

Given I would like to make this a planted shrimp nano tank, should I do more to raise gH/kH and therefore some pH? If so, what are some options that are least maintenance and fit for a desktop nano?
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