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Setting fert levels for an autodoser for some macros/trace

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I'm setting up an auto doser for my 90 and another for my 65 gallon. Wanted some opinions on the dry ferts to add to the water. This is going to be like Wasserpests with a Aquarium Systems 606 pump. Here are the amounts I'm considering based upon (roughly) EI dosing...

KN03 4.5 Teaspoons for two weeks amount
CSM+B Trace ~ 1 (or 1.25) teaspoons dry per two weeks.
K2S04 1.5 teaspoons per two weeks

I am going to dose PO4 separately in solution with a syringe for now.

Thanks, bob
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Bob - I'm not going to comment on the amount to dose. But just ask that you consider the two options...

One is "EI" variety - that is to take your normal weekly dose (added up) and spread it across each day. As with EI, that means you are accepting a wide swing of values between the day before water change, and the day after.

The other option is what I think of "level dosing". That's where you have a target level that you are trying to fix. So that means a fixed dose each day, EXCEPT you apply a "gap" dose after water change to bring the tank up to the level it was before the water change - instead of waiting the entire week to rise to that level.

In your case though, with your daily partial water changes - I'd suggest that the latter is not appropriate, and that you should use the former.
Thanks Steve. I'm definately going EI, though I may back off the amounts if issues pop up. So far so good. All is auto now on the 90 gallon. I am going to experiment with Tropica and with Flourish and see if that yields improvement over CSM+B, which I expect it to.

I won't be dosing at full strength of the EI as there are a couple of extra days in the cycle to keep the pump from cavitating. It is now setup for 21 days before I recharge. I have yet to black-out the container but will tonight to keep the traces from deteriorating. And also I am going to set up an identical system on the 65 gallon.

I am also contemplating doing a 1x per week 40% water change, but let the fill cycle take about 4 hours on and off - to allow the heaters to keep up. Then one to two more 12% WC change per week. Still haven't decided if I want to go this route, but at least its an option.

On both tanks I'm still going to dose PO4 manually, for a while.
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