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Seriously. Why can't I figure this...

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Ok so I am in the planning stages of my aquarium and am wondering on the lighting situation. I cannot figure out exactly how much lighting I need and what to buy... At first I was going with the WPG rule but now it seems like everyone says not to base it on that. So I am at a loss after reading for literally hours on this.. So here I come in search of help!

My set-up is going to be a 92 Gallon Corner. It is 48" at the widest part but it accommodates 36" lights. That was one more concern with the odd triangle bow front shape of this tank..

I have found this JBJ Formosa DX 36" 2x96W PC for a pretty good deal

I was also looking at AH supply but after making a top it comes out to about the same price either way... and I like the idea that the JBJ has fans in it..

I am going to be running pressurized Co2 so I thought I would include this as that is a factor as well from what I think I have been learning.

So is a 2x96W PC from AH Supply or JBJ enough or do I need more. WPG it comes out to 2.09 WPG which in my mind is low but a a lot of people are saying on larger tanks this is ok?? As you can see I am quite confused here and all help is very much appreciated!

ps I have read stuff on REX's site as well.
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2x96 watt would be very good for a 92 corner with pressurized CO2 - I say go for it! It will make a lovely planted tank.

Make sure to get either 6700K or 10,000K bulbs and you'll be all set (one of each would make a nice color balance, I think a combo looks the best).
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