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About 3 months ago I picked up 2 peppered corrys from the pet store. I had just lost 1 of my trillineatus and her 2 buddies needed another friend. The pet store worker said the peppered cory's got about 3 inches; and thinking my 2 Trillineatus were about 2 inches and adult, I didn't think much of the added inch of fish.

I told the guy I didn't want ginormous fish in my tank, and he assured me the peppered corys wouldn't get too big. I think one is about 3.5 inches long now, about 1.5 inches wide; and is an eating machine. Her buddy isn't much smaller.

The 2 cats are great friends with the 2 trillineatus; but HOW BIG DO THEY GET??? I can already catch 1 of them with a small trout hook, not that I have tried, but I'm not saying it isn't tempting....:alien:
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