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Separating baby shrimp and duckweed

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Several of my tanks are producing a lot of duckweed. I also have self-sustaining feeder shrimp colonies in these tanks, and a lot of the baby shrimp seem to live or feed in the duckweed.

I'm looking for an easy way to reduce the amount of duckweed in each tank, without sacrificing all the shrimp in the process.

Currently, we fish out the duckeed with a net, put that in a large bucket with water. Then we fish out any shrimps we see in the bucket and put them back in the tank.

It's not the end of the world, but this sorting is getting a bit tedious...

Is there a better way?
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Use your hands instead of a net to gather the duckweed. Lift it in and out of the water a couple times, so the shrimp can jump ship. If you use any net, even a larger one, they will just cling to that the same as the duckweed.
Awesome, thanks! That sounds a lot better. I will try it today. It is amazing how fast the duckweed grows!
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