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Hey all, I decided to go a different path with my tank so I pulled out several plants in my tank while keeping a few.

So what ends up happening is that I have several stems of plants I no longer need and would like to sell.

Here's what I'm selling: All stems are 50 cents each, since I want to get rid of them fast.

Ludiwigia Sp. Red - (3-4" stems)
Rotala Sp. Green - Looks like a giant bush. It never grew upwards, just crept along the surface of the substrate, making it look like a carpeting plant. (See pics below)
Rotala Rotundifolia - gigantic amounts. I attempted to make a bush out of this plant, and ended up with a butt load of stems in the end.

Mystery plant. Believed to be Baby Tears Not entirely sure, but I will sell it anyways, since I don't want it to go to waste.

I will give a small clump of glosso to the first buyer too.

Shipping will be $7 as I will be shipping in a small flat rate box.

Willing to trade for Dwarf Hairgrass 'Belem'

Plant Food Ingredient Dishware Terrestrial plant

Ingredient Recipe Plant Leaf vegetable Terrestrial plant

Hand Plant Flower Terrestrial plant Finger
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