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I am at a time in my life where I am moving around too much to have a nice aquarium. Tearing down and rebuilding every 6-8 months sucks! I am going to get out of the hobby for a little while by selling my livestock and possibly my 100g tank. I need to get rid of my plants and fish first L

6-8 neon tetras (free)
2 bristle nose plecos $3/each
2 Siamese algae eaters (full grown and not aggressive) $3/each
50+ assassin snails (they bred like crazy) $1/hand full

3x Amazon swords (large) $3/each
4-5x Anubias nana $6/each
1x red tiger lotus (large) $12
1x red tiger lotus (small)$4
1x Madagascar lace (very large) $15
50x shoots of rotala indica $2/hand full
100x sprigs of dwarf sagittaria $2/hand full
2x Indian red swords $3/each
2x balansae free if you get some other stuff
6-8x cabomba free if you get some other stuff
10-15x hygrophila $1/ hand full
5-6x crypt wendtii $4/each
2-3x chain sword $5/each
3x crypt (I don’t know which kind) $1/each

Hardscape: (I can bring these to look at if you’re getting some plants or fish)
1x African Mopani driftwood (large 16”x8”) $15
2x African Mopani driftwood (medium 6”x6”) $7
4x cool looking rocks with character (large) free

All of my plants have been growing in dirt since I put them in my tank. The water temperature is around 76-78. No BBA or parasites in the tank. There may be snails the assassin snails haven't killed yet. I usually do not dose the water with anything. Occasionally, I might add some liquid CO2 or Iron to spoil the plants.

I’m NOT looking to make money off of y’all, but I am trying to get something back for all I have poured into it. I live on the northwest side of Houston. I don’t want to ship but I am willing to meet at a reasonable distance. Prices are negotiable. Obviously, the more you take off my hands the more I am willing to bargain. Have a great day.

Please feel free to PM me.


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