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I need to sell my rimless 18" Aquatop cube and all supplies that are associated with it. I've only had it running about 7 months. Most of the stuff is in great condition or never even been used.

I want to sell everything as a complete package $400.

I live in Tampa, Florida and would like to find out if someone in the area is interested in picking it up. I don't to want to ship or sell things individually. I'm asking $400 which is less than half of what I paid. Some of the stuff I'm just throwing in the deal for free.

Please see pictures and list with descriptions. The descriptions may not list everything in the pictures. Please ask questions... I will do what I can to answer.

I also have a regular 10 gallon tank with heater, filter, rocks, fish food, water conditioner, and other stuff... I used it for a quarantine tank. -$40 (only if you want it)

Items included in this lot $400:

-Rimless Aquatop 18inch high clarity glass cube
-stand-Ikea- I reinforced the top with a frame on the inside to make it stable enough to hold the aquarium.
-LED light- Aquatic Studio-Chihiros
-Outlet timer for the LED light to turn it on an off during the day
- 2 sets of Lily pipes- intake and outflow- Large set and medium set
-Whisper Air Pump with valve check and tubing and air stones
-Extra Tubing - one set is for CO2
-Eheim Quick Vac Pro- gravel cleaner vacuum
-Hang on the side thermometer – Celsius
- Glass CO2 drop checker kit
-CO2 diffuser kit (glass)
-Fish net
-Glass scraper
-Fluval 106 canister filter. It comes with black in and outflow tubing, but I attached clear tubes.
-20oz CO2 paintball canister
- Paintball Co2 Gauge
- Paintball Co2 On and Off Valve -2 threaded inputs
-Teflon tape
-Aqueon aquarium water changer- hose syphon with faucet attachments
-Lead plant weights
-fishing line for plants
- Long curved trimming scissors
-Long pinsette
-Various air stones and tubing divider for air pump
-Stretch and Seal- I used it to attach the tubing to my lily pipes to make sure no water would leak out.
-Water testers- they have been used about 30% or less.
-Seachem Prime, Seachem Reef Complete, API CO2 Booster, and clove oil (for humane fish death).
-Zeolite Crystals (for the filter) and some carbon packs
-A floating fish feader
-Manzanita driftwood branch from – see coffee mug in picture for scale (never used it)
-Seiry Stones- various sizes. See coffee mug for scale. The bowl in the picture has all the small pieces.


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