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I am located in Bowling Green Kentucky and I have....
((Also posted in the Kentucky forum, but I would Deliver to Tennessee))

55gal with hood and two T8 Lights, oak stand, and SunSun 302 (265gph) 3 stage canister filter. Comes with bioballs, those porous white ring things and a sponge pad. Also has a spray bar. (I LOVE this filter. More than the fluval FX5 I have. It's just not big enough for my new tank. This thing is 100% silent though, blows my mind). Tank has never leaked/had any issues. - Also, the Bio media is alive/active.
$300 OBO

30 Gallon hexagonal aquarium, black lid with light fixture, a T8. Has a HOB filter that is only a month or so old, heater, and is on a black wooden stand. Looks really nice and has sand substrate that comes with if desired. Tank has never leaked/had any issues.
$125 OBO

Eheim Professional 3 2080 - Runs perfect, comes with tubing and I believe a spray bar? Foam prefilter. Has two intakes and one output.
$200 OBO

Cascade 1500 - Runs perfect, has tubing and everything but media pads. Has one foam pad you just rewash.
$80 OBO

Assorted Plastic Plants - Many heights, sizes and colors. Would fill up a 5 gallon bucket
$20 or free with a tank

Plastic/fake decorative rocks of various styles, I'll take pictures if interested
$5 each

CoralLife 36" 25W 10,000K T8 Bulb - $10
GLO 48" POWER GLO 18,000K 40W T8 Bulb - $5

Bubblers with tubing and airstones - $5 each, assorted. One thing is a sinking "lilypad" stone that also puts out air? Interesting.
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