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Selective/Competitive Overfeeding?

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In my 10 gallon tank with diamond tetras, I have a problem with two of the school. These two fish always get to the food before the rest of them. They are the smarter ones I believe, because they recognize when I am putting flakes in a tupperware to soak and start prowling along the surface. I never put a lot in, and every time, these two fish get most of the food. I am concerned for two reasons: The two greedy ones seem almost swollen after feeding time (can fish eat themselves to death?), and the other 3 fish never seem to get enough to eat.
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try to put the food at different section in the tank but at the same time. thats reallly the only advice i can think of, short of taking out a turky baster.
yes, they can die if they over eat...
try changing up the routine so the smart fish can't predict when food is coming. You don't need to soak the flakes.
get some 1mm sinking pellets.
that way there will always be
some food for the three others.
I never put a lot in, and every time, these two fish get most of the food.

How many times a day do you feed? Multiple small feedings tend to hurt the weaker fish. With my tanks I've found that dumping the whole days worth of food all at once works best at getting every fish theirs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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