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Selective breeding Wild Bee Shrimp

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I have some wild bees. What shrimp could I breed with them to improve blood lines.
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Ya I'm doing that. but was wondering about crossbreeding them.
Crossbreeding them to what?

What is your goal? To select for hardier shrimp? To select for higher grade shrimp?
To be quite honest none. You're so many generations behind with wilds it probably isn't worth it if you want higher grades. Unless you want to take on a project or something, which can be fun. But if you want nice white and black shrimp just buy them that way, it is much much much simpler. If you breed them with higher grade bee shrimp the overall gene pool (grade wise) will be lesser.

I'm thinking of trying to breed one of my golden bees with one to see what would happen.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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