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Selective Breeding RCS

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What do you look for when choosing the males for selective breeding to achieve a darker red offspring, or does it matter? Since they all look pretty much the same.
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I keep a rotating colony of 200+ cherries. I pick the top 12 girls and the best boy and put them in a 10g. After 6 months when the 10g is full of babies I take all of the 200+ to the LFS and sell them. I put the babies from the 10g in the big tank and wait 6 more months, then repeat.
Does this not cause an inbreeding problem? I'm a noob, but have the same goal as 10Gal.
It is wise to add stock from a different source around the f3 or f4 stage.
This makes since. Now I need to go google what f3 and f4 is. :D
Generations. f1 is your first set of babies. f2 is their babies...etc.
o0oooo Good Stuff! Thank you, Google was not coming through for me so far.
You should try to select the males with the most red coloring. I put my reddest shrimp in one tank, and none of the offspring were clear or pale.

I would not worry about inbreeding.
I'm going to try to use my floating breeder box to try some selective breeding to redden up my population some. Its hard to choose when it comes to the males.:help:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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